Stewardship (Reflections)

“I don’t like to pledge, I don’t want anyone to criticize what I give.”

“I give, I just don’t pledge.  That is the same.”

“The church is doing fine, they get money from a head office.”

“I don’t like the commitment pledging requires.”

“Why are they always asking me to pledge?”

Do these statements reflect your feelings on Pledging?  If so, we understand.  But please take a moment to understand more fully why pledging is necessary.

How do you manage your home finances?  Do you make a budget every month? If so, what do you base it on?  Your salary and other income, right?

Well, that is what the church does too.  Unlike some churches that receive financial support  from a central church office, Ellington Congregational Church is totally reliant on pledges/gifts from our  members and friends .  Because of this, we need to know each year how much money the church has in order to keep the church running.  Basic things such as heat, water, sewer, air conditioning, maintenance of building, salaries, educational programing, and music programming are not possible if we don’t have pledges/gifts.

How can the church budget its yearly finances, if it doesn’t know how much money it will have for the coming year?

That is what makes pledging important.  It helps the church know how much it is “making” so it can budget what it spends.

Sounds simple right?   It is.  But yet, the church still experiences those statements you read at the top of this page.

If you just give rather than pledge, even on a regular basis, the church can’t include your gifts in its  budget.  It is like your employer telling you, “Don’t worry, we will pay you a salary, we just won’t tell you how much.” If you didn’t know how much you were making week-to-week, how would you know what you could afford?  How would you know you could pay the mortgage, rent, and electric bill?

Fear. An understandable feeling when it comes to talking about commitment and privacy.  But you already commit to the church when you come, you pray, and when you become a member or friend of our community.  As far as privacy, your pledge is your business.  Only administrative officers who deposit pledges and create tax documents see these amounts and they act in the strictest of confidence.  For more information about privacy see Stewardship FAQ.

But instead of fear think about all that the church gives you.  Why do you go to church? How would you feel if it wasn’t there anymore?  What would you miss? 

For many of us, Ellington Congregational Church fills a void in our hearts, gives us a place we can gather and worship with friends.  A place that is always there for us.  A place that gives us hope.  What else in your life gives you this? DO you commit to the other things in your life that give you this?  What makes the church different?

Join us in making a commitment to the place that  fills your heart and  your soul.  Where your spirit is refreshed and where you gather to to love, to hope, to give.

Give what you can,  commit with all your heart.… Invest in the feeling it gives.