The blessing of the change of seasons is so vividly stunning in October.  The leaves have started turning here in Connecticut since mid-September.  The peak time for viewing leaves depends upon where you reside, but most of our state will have peak leaf-peeping around mid-October.  With cooler temperatures comes more interest in cooking indoors.  It is a perfect time for apple crisp, cider and all of the wonderful apple recipes. As long as we follow the COVID-19 protocols, we can still take a ride to view the foliage, pick some apples at a farm and enjoy the bounty of the season that God provides.   

Do you remember haystacks? During the harvest time of year, they are supposed to resemble little haystacks – perfect for the fall. They are a candy made with chow-mein noodles, butterscotch chips, and peanut butter.  There are many variations, but here is a link to NESTLE’s version:  

Although due to the virus, the Women’s Fellowship will not be hosting our Annual Farmhouse Fair, we do have our thinking caps on.  We held a virtual dessert potluck with a program that was really enjoyed by those who attended.  We hope to offer more virtual events over the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

It is interesting how we can get creative to safely continue doing our ministry work even with the pandemic still greatly impacting our lives.  Our Prayer Shawl Ministry continues to knit from home as does our Sacred Stitches Ministry with sewing.  Our Women’s Fellowship Executive Board meets like many of our committees are meeting these days, online.  Don’t forget to stay in touch with friends by phone, too.  Sometimes there is nothing more uplifting than a phone conversation with a good friend.  We can creatively celebrate the seasons and God’s blessings in a different way this year.  But we can still enjoy all of the beauty of the season, even if it is not exactly as we have done in the past.

Dear God, Please help us to remember to be full of gratitude for Your many gifts, the beauty of Your world and all of Your Love and Grace, even in difficult times. We continue to pray for those in leadership that they make wise decisions for our communities and children.  We pray for all of the first responders, for those who make sacrifices on our behalf, and we pray for the sick, the isolated and the lonely.  Thank you for reminding us that our help comes from You.  Amen

Blessings, Sharon McLaughlin Women’s Fellowship