Dear Women of ECC,
The outdoor Farmhouse Fair was a success on October 16, 2021. It did NOT rain, (ask about the wind if you missed the Fair) and we grossed over $3,000! This is impressive considering the adjustments that were made compliments of COVID.

Thank you to everyone who made it possible, especially Farmhouse Fair Chair, Vivian Hary, and the Booth Chairs and their teams for the wonderful assortments of handcrafted items. We also always are grateful to members of the church who help with setup and take down of tables, chairs (and tents this year) led by Scott Noble who is so organized and thorough with logistics. Finally, thanks to all of the shoppers who financially support our Fair.

The Farmhouse Fair is the primary source of cash receipts for the Women’s Fellowship Budget. Although our budget will be leaner in 2022, Women’s Fellowship uses the funds for a variety of ways to support the church. We also make a
donation to our own church budget of $1,800 each year. Women’s Fellowship contributed $800 toward cost for the reception for Esther Pezzella that was held in August. This year Women’s Fellowship provided 3 $500 scholarships and we paid for commercial cleaning of the church which was almost $1,200. We paid for daffodils for shut-ins, and for a small celebration for Reverend Joanne in honor of her 20th anniversary with the UCC. In the past Women’s Fellowship has paid for some large purchases which were not in the regular church budget – the kitchen range/oven, the lighterweight Social Room tables, folding chairs, kitchen equipment, and sanctuary drapes to name a few.

We also sponsor programs, both for the women and for the whole church. At the end of October, Brian Cocuzzo is presenting (as of this writing, October 18) an informative and helpful program about computer safety online, sponsored by Women’s Fellowship. Thanks to Brian for offering this presentation, which is open to the entire church.

This is Vivian Hary’s last year chairing the Farmhouse Fair, so we are also looking ahead for her replacement for 2022. She has faithfully chaired the Farmhouse Fair for four years. Please prayerfully consider if you are willing to lead our
Farmhouse Fair in 2022, which will be the 60th Anniversary of the Fair!

We are offering two links to Thanksgiving Day favorites:
Butternut Squash Apple Bake & Maple-Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie

The first link is a tasty side dish for Thanksgiving:
The second link is a new spin on Pumpkin Pie:

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Penny Gates, Acting President