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In Matthew 25, Jesus told the Parable of the Talents. In this parable, the wealthy man gave money (talents) to his three servants. A talent as described in the New Testament weighed 129 lbs., 14 oz. This could be gold, silver, other precious metals, ivory, or frankincense.

Two of the faithful servants put the money to good use and multiplied the master’s money. The one who got five traded it into ten. From this example, the Season of Talents Project asks volunteers to take a $10 investment (in the form of a bag of ten gold pieces) and, using their “talents,” see how far they can multiply this money as a fundraiser for the church. Pastor Joanne previously spoke about the Talents Project and had those who already had their project in mind go forward and get their bag often gold pieces. Seven “bags of gold” were given out. We will continue to give these bags as you develop new projects.

A faith community like ours remains united when the people in that community know they are learning and doing worthwhile and important things according to God’s teaching through Christ Jesus.The parable isn’t really about financial investments. It’s about each one of us exploring the creativity and the wide variety of gifts we have been given by God. This is something that helps us to believe in God without being able to see God. Each one of us is uniquely created and creative. God wants us to use ourselves to further God’s ministry and mission in the world.

Whatever we’ve been given we are encouraged, through Jesus’ teachings, to use for God’s purpose. We are to invest our lives, our skills, our faith, our abilities, and our creativity to further God’s work in the world.

So, use your creativity and your God-given gifts to turn our bags of gold into more funds for ministry and mission here at ECC. We have a whole season until the end of September to think and do – plenty of time to be creative. 

If you would like to join in but are stuck for ideas or are looking for a partner or partners, please talk to Laurie, Jol or Sharon. We will be happy to help you out.

Laurie Hazleton  (860) 878-9223
Jol Sprowles   (860) 870-9713
Sharon McLaughlin   (860) 875-8808

For those who are interested, please give us your name, phone number and e-mail on the form below, or you can find a paper form in the narthex which you can fill out and drop in the collection plate. If you know what you would like to do, please fill that in as well. If not, then we will give you a call back to help you with ideas.

Season of Talents Idea Submission

Please use this form to let us know about your project, or to let us know that would like help to develop your idea or would like to join in with another one. Please include your phone number.

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