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If you are interested in being part of the discussions which will help determine the future direction of ECC, please take part in this first round of small group sessions. You need to register to participate. Sessions will begin in February. Meeting dates and times will be determined by each small group and their facilitator. 



As we mentioned, we will come together over three themes: the past, the present, and the near future. Our format will be first in small groups, in person, made up of 8 - 10 people, followed by a large group discussion where each small group will share what they discussed.

For our first theme, we’re going to revisit our past once in these small groups. We will not dwell on the past, but there are a few things we need to discuss. We will only meet once in the small groups and then once as a larger group. We will conclude the larger meeting by honoring the saints who have gotten us to this place of having our beautiful church. It is because of them that we have been empowered to bring Christ Jesus to many people throughout many generations. At this point, we will be prepared to move to the next stage of our ongoing journey together where we will look at our present by following this same process.

Each small group will have a facilitator who will help guide the conversations starting with a set of questions that I will provide. These questions are just meant to help get the conversations going. We hope that many people take turns being a facilitator. You don't need to have had any formal training. Joanne will be providing instruction and guidance on how to effectively do this job. We only want people to be a facilitator once, with everyone taking a turn.

Once a facilitator has been assigned to a small group, it will be the facilitator's role to contact their group to arrange a time and place that works for them all. We might meet at church, at a coffee shop, or at someone's home. It is strongly encouraged that these meetings be in person rather than by zoom.

During the meeting, the facilitator will ask the questions that open up the discussion, while helping to remind the group about the theme in case conversations get too off track. The facilitator will not be participating in the discussions with their own comments, but will be taking notes for the group in order to report on behalf of the group in the larger meeting. Room should and will be made for differences of
opinions if they come up during the small group meetings. Facilitators will also be a member of a different small group so that they have a chance to be part of the conversation too.

Your Sister in Christ,
Pastor Joanne