Given the recent good news about the virus and the relaxation of restrictions currently being implemented across the state, the protocols for in-person worship have been revised as follows:

  • Reserving a spot in advance, either online or over the telephone to the church office, will no longer be necessary.
  • Ushers at the back door will no longer take temperatures or ask health questions.
  • Once in the sanctuary, you can select any available pew.  However, we ask that you select your pew with respect to those already seated around you and allow at least one empty pew between you and other worshipers.

Here is what has NOT changed:  

  • All attendees age 2 and older must wear masks to enter the building and masks must remain in place while in the building.  Those unable or unwilling to comply should worship virtually. 
  • Ushers will only admit those wearing masks. 
  • Entry is only through the back door.  
  • The back door will remain locked before and during the service. There will be attendants at the door until 10:10 am to admit late arriving worshipers.  
  • At the conclusion of the service, please exit through the rear of the church. Reverend Joanne will be in the Narthex for a socially distanced greeting. 
  • If the elevator is needed, please exit there after the pews in front of you are empty.  
  • The service will not include the usual offertory where the plate is passed.  Please continue to use online giving or the US Mail to fulfill your pledges.  

We all look forward to the time when all these rules won’t be necessary.   In the meantime, online worship will still be offered.