Prepare a Lenten Container  

This can be a large bowl (perhaps it is a special bowl), a small wooden box or a small cardboard box that you can decorate in whatever way you choose, a basket, or a sack made from cloth. The ideas are endless.

  • Decorate a box with pictures glued or decoupaged onto it
  • Decorate a box with gems, sequins, feathers, tiles decorate a basket with ribbons or flowers
  • Sew a special bag

Contribute to the container

Then place something small or flat that is very meaningful to you in the bottom of the bowl. This could be something you draw, a picture of family, or a special present that was given to you. You will need small pieces of paper or card stock to write on and a pencil, pen, or crayon to write with.

During Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday, write messages on the paper or card stock and place them in the container each day.

  • Write a prayer or prayers for the day
  • Write a word that is important to you that day (or several words)
  • Write about or name a blessing or blessings
  • Write whatever you want to say to God or Jesus

Again, the possibilities are endless and you can write down as many things as you want during a day. This can be done alone or as a family project. Perhaps each person in the family would like to make a container OR you could have one family container.


When you watch Ash Wednesday service or Sunday service, have the container with you – treat it as a sacred object. On Easter Day, look at and ponder what you have written throughout the Lenten season. You may want to keep your reflections private or you may want to share some things as a family. The idea is to keep us aware of how God works in our lives at all times and in all places.  

Your Sister in Christ,

Reverend Joanne