A Guide to Holy Week Lenten Study by Amy-Jill Devine  

A message from the author: “This is not your ordinary Lenten study. As the chapters unfold, we delve into the history and literature of the last days of Jesus’ life. We find ways to understand and question our own lives through the stories of his trials and choices. This Lenten journey challenges us to examine our consciences and find out how deepening our relationship with Jesus and the Bible brings us into closer relationship with others and the world.”  

Amy-Jill is moved to put her faith into action when she studies the Passion Narrative. Of note is the fact that Amy-Jill Devine is Jewish and very dedicated to her faith. As a historian and a scholar who loves the New Testament, Amy-Jill Levine is a University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and College of Arts and Sciences. She guides candidates for Christian ministry to understand the New Testament text “that grounds their vocation and guides their lives.”  

If you are interested in this six-week Lenten study, please email Joanne at jmyer0146@yahoo.com and Leigh at the church office sec-eccucc@sbcglobal.net so she may know how many books to order. Books are $12 each, please make your check payable to ECC and mail it to PO Box 216 Ellington, CT 06029.  

Even if you have taken part in the study of this book before, there are always new insights that can be uncovered.   Blessings and Peace, Rev. Joanne