Have you heard of the Farmhouse Fair? Have you been told that, “you should have been there?” Have you read the posters and heard the announcements, but had never really known what all the fuss was about? Let us fill you in!

In 1961, a few women of Ellington Congregational Church got together and decided to put on a small craft fair to raise money for the Women’s Fellowship and its charitable works. The first Farmhouse Fair was held in the small house next to the church and ever since then the Women’s Fellowship has sponsored this Fair.

As you probably know, the Women’s Fellowship is comprised of all the women (members and “friends”) who attend Ellington Congregational Church. The Women’s Fellowship has a long and proud history, dating back over 100 years.

Over the years the popularity of the fair, the attraction of the food and excellent handmade crafts has resulted in a growing number of folks attending that now has the fair being held on two days. The Fair is primarily aimed at people buying Christmas gifts and decorations, but the other focus is to draw people into an atmosphere of warmth, welcoming and a “jolly good time.” We offer two delicious meals, and we wear a simple costume of red and white checkered aprons, which represent the Fair colors. We offer live music during dinner on Friday and  lunch on Saturday, and our Pastor is present to interject with the crowds.

We always welcome any amount of help from women, men and youth. There are hands-on projects to be done in advance, and help is always needed during the fair. If you enjoy crafts or cooking, or just being part of the spirit of the season, please get in touch with us to find out more!

If you would like more information about how you can get involved, please send an email to: womensfellowship@eccucc.org.