The process of confirmation for church membership is offered for teens in 9th Grade.  Older students who have not been confirmed are also welcome.  The length of study is one school year, with meetings held 2-3 times per month.  If you participate in TELOS, you can go to those meetings after a short break.  Next Session will start in September 2021.  

In choosing to take part in the Confirmation program, students along with the support of their families make significant commitments to grow in their faith and understanding.  This work enables each of them to make their own informed decision about confirming the vows made for them at baptism and assuming the rights and responsibilities of adult membership in Christ’s church.  

Confirmation Topics: The Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Worship, Baptism, Communion, Prayer, Saints (Faithful people in our church), Ministry, Christianity, and Other Religions.  


  • Students will engage in classroom study and discussion about various aspects of our faith as Christians, our church community here in Ellington, and what it means to be on a life-long journey of faith.   
  • Students will participate in three service projects totaling ten hours. We will arrange one project for the group.  Each student will be responsible for finding the other two service experiences.    
  • Students are expected to attend at least two worship services per month. We will arrange opportunities to attend some services in other church communities, both Christian and non-Christian, to help us better understand our faith tradition in the context of other faith traditions.  
  • Regular and consistent participation in classes, worship and service work is the foundation for the Confirmation experience and is expected of all students who wish to be confirmed in June.  

Goals of the Confirmation Program Goals for Confirmands:

  • Prepare our young people to make the decision to say “yes” to their baptism;
  • Develop a real and relevant relationship with the God of Jesus Christ;
  • Connect faith with everyday actions choices and practices;     
  • Grow in relationship with God and one another through fellowship, learning and service;   
  • Understand that faith in God is a journey of a lifetime and that Confirmation is an important step in that journey;       
  • To be ready to take that step by saying “yes, I want to be confirmed”.

Goals for Parents:

  • Think about your own relationship with God, your church experiences, and your faith and share these with your child;
  • Be open to questions that your child might have during their confirmation journey;       
  • Treat Confirmation as you would school, sports music or art, and encourage and support your child in the Confirmation process.    

In return, we ask the members of this congregation commit to:     

  • Welcoming them into the work and worship life of the church;
  • Praying for them as individuals and as a class;
  • Inviting them to get to know you personally, as an individual, as a Christian and in your context as a member of Ellington Congregational Church;        
  • Helping them to find their own identity as Christian persons with gifts and ministries to share.