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Or you may download the pledge form here and mail it to the church office.  

Letter from Stewardship 10/3/2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Stewardship as Discipleship”: It sounds good, but what does it mean? As we enter the stewardship season for ECC, we are challenged to go deeper into the roots of what brings us together as Christians as a whole, and within the ECC community. As we pursue a path of shaping ourselves to be better disciples and stewards, the combination of both allows us to answer God’s call in a more profound and personal way.  

Stewardship is something most people know: Time, Talent, and Treasure and how these resources are shared to benefit your community and church. Whereas Discipleship takes this a step further, reminding us to hear Christ’s call, take it into our heart, and shape one’s life in imitation of Him.  They mean different things but are like two sides of the same coin, intertwining beautifully and powerfully to guide us and remind us to live our lives to the fullest, and closer to Christ’s teachings.  

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13  

As fellow Disciples of Christ, we ask that you prayerfully consider the gifts of treasure when completing the enclosed pledge card. We are mindful some may not be able to support our church financially to the extent they would like. We are grateful for what you can provide. If you are able, please consider giving more and sharing in providing the resources needed for a vibrant church and ECC community.  

Please return the completed pledge card or make your online pledge by 10/25/21 so that we may receive it in time by Consecration Sunday on October 31st. 

We thank all of you that have so faithfully given in the past.  Your generosity and kindness are an inspiration and go a long way in helping to create a confident future for our church family.  

Your ECC Stewardship committee, Bryan Forst (Chair), Rev. Joanne Myer, (IIM), Penny Gates, Cassie Miller, Jol Sprowles 

Making Your Annual Pledge

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a written document that outlines your intention to donate a specific amount of money to the church during the coming year.  Pledges are paid at whatever interval is convenient: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Most members choose to donate weekly when the offering plate is passed during worship.  Numbered offering envelopes are provided so your pledge contributions are properly recorded.  Quarterly statements are sent out by the church office so that you can track the progress of your pledge as well as have documentation for tax purposes.

Why do I need to pledge?

Pledges are important for two reasons.  On a practical level, they help our church leaders make financial decisions for the coming year.  Nearly every expense the church incurs, from salaries for our staff to maintenance of the building, is funded by our members’ pledges.  

On a spiritual level, making a pledge is a way to put your faith into action.  By making a pledge, you are making a personal commitment to share your own blessings and participate in the life of the church.  Without everyone’s contribution of time, talent and treasure, we could not fulfill the mission to which God has called us. 

Moving Toward Tithing Guide

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Make Your Pledge

Grateful for God's love in Jesus Christ, I (we) make the following commitment to support the ministries of Ellington Congregational Church. (In the comment box, please let us know the amount and whether this is a weekly, monthly, or annual amount.)

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