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Letter from Stewardship 10/14/2022


 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  

“Growing Together in Faith”: Stewardship as Discipleship, Discipleship as Stewardship. With discipleship, we see a deeper meaning to our faith and a commitment to caring for and sharing of God’s abundance. Together we can continue God’s message of kindness, acceptance of one another, and most importantly... love, to a world that sorely needs it.  As we grow together in ministering to our church and our community, we at Ellington Congregational Church grow closer to understanding what it means to be good stewards in faith with Christ’s teachings.  

Randy Alcorn, in his book The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving attributes 15 percent of everything Christ said as related to the topic of money and possessions; more than His teachings on heaven and hell combined.  Why did Jesus put such an emphasis on money and possessions?  Because stewardship is one of the essential topics we learn as Disciples of Christ, and if understood and embraced, can be one of the primary ways we call Christ into our daily lives.  It is our gifts that allow the light of Christ to shine out into the world.   

We ask during this stewardship campaign season: no matter what you feel about pledging, to open your heart fully, with gratitude and joy to our precious church community.  We are all part of the ECC team - and are so very blessed to have many talented and special people within this family. As we make our pledges, we come together as one. We can help to ensure that all its resources – all the love and opportunities, the classes, the groups - everything that has helped each of us, will be available to anyone who walks through our door.  So that anyone who needs healing will find it here.  

Please complete your pledge card online or send it in, or bring it with you to Consecration Sunday on October 30th. We thank you for your generosity in continuing the message of faith, love, and community that is our church.  We are mindful that some may not be able to give financial support to the extent they would like, and are grateful for what you can provide.   Your ECC Stewardship committee,   Bryan Forst (Chair), Rev. Joanne Myer, (Intentional Interim Pastor), Jol Sprowles, Cassie Miller, Darlene Quirk 

Making Your Annual Pledge

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a written document that outlines your intention to donate a specific amount of money to the church during the coming year.  Pledges are paid at whatever interval is convenient: weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.  Most members choose to donate weekly when the offering plate is passed during worship.  Numbered offering envelopes are provided so your pledge contributions are properly recorded.  Quarterly statements are sent out by the church office so that you can track the progress of your pledge as well as have documentation for tax purposes.

Why do I need to pledge?

Pledges are important for two reasons.  On a practical level, they help our church leaders make financial decisions for the coming year.  Nearly every expense the church incurs, from salaries for our staff to maintenance of the building, is funded by our members’ pledges.  

On a spiritual level, making a pledge is a way to put your faith into action.  By making a pledge, you are making a personal commitment to share your own blessings and participate in the life of the church.  Without everyone’s contribution of time, talent and treasure, we could not fulfill the mission to which God has called us. 

Moving Toward Tithing Guide

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Make Your Pledge

Grateful for God's love in Jesus Christ, I (we) make the following commitment to support the ministries of Ellington Congregational Church. (In the comment box, please let us know the amount and whether this is a weekly, monthly, or annual amount.)

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