The ECC Men's Fellowship is a welcoming group of Christian men dedicated to living and sharing Christ's teachings through faith, continually renewed by God's grace.  We join together to offer our talents, skills, and abilities to support our Congregation, the Community and others through shared responsibilities and service, living Christ's message through our actions, fellowship, and Ministries.

Regular meetings of Men's Fellowship are scheduled in the ECC Social Room the second Saturday of every month, from 8:30 to 10:00 AM.  

Men’s Fellowship Goals:  

Develop/Implement self-funding programs to fund ministry activities.

Integrate the Men's Fellowship efforts in partnership with other church boards/committees/teams to complement other ECC ministry efforts.

Our projects Include:  

The ECC Men’s Fellowship Spring Tag Sale Event in May

The Annual Ellington Congregational Church Golf Tournament in support of the church programs

The annual Breakfast with Santa event

Men interested in participating in Men’s Fellowship activities are encouraged to come to the next meeting and talk with the Fellowship leadership team:  

John Bellezza           860-979-1434

Jack Hagopian          860-872-2890

Scott Noble              860-749-7005

Richard Steele          860-649-4732

Curtis Thompson       860-872-2792