The purpose of Christian Growth & Nurture Committee is to support ECC members and friends, as well as welcome potential members into our church community. Its duties include:

  • Administering mentor program for new members
  • Preparing/attending new member orientation sessions
  • Welcoming new members during a Sunday service
  • Work closely with Outreach and Media Coordinator to arrange church advertising
  • Develop programming to nurture church members and strengthen ties within our church community
  • Administer the Welcoming Ministry along with the Board of Deacons
  • Work with the Outreach and Media Coordinator for public advertising

Past programs/activities include:

  • New member dinner
  • Fall Family Fun Night
  • Town-wide Ellington scavenger hunt
  • November gratitude challenge
  • Zoom drawing class
  • Gingerbread competition
  • Weekly walks in Arbor Park
  • Collecting and creating gift baskets for ECC's high school seniors 

The three primary duties listed in our bylaws for the Growth and Nurture Committee are to attract people to the church, to welcome those who come, and to assimilate new members into the life of our church.

The Welcoming Ministry that they administer in conjunction with the Diaconate is a structured process for recognizing visitors and helping them to get acquainted with ECC at the visitor’space, making them comfortable and providing them with information to help them learn and become involved.

The gift of administration with skills like planning, organizing and completing tasks within deadlines is a spiritual gift that would be a good fit with Growth and Nurture. Many of the projects undertaken by Growth and Nurture include some organizing, planning, and following through. The spiritual gift of exhortation, defined as offering comfort and encouragement to others, is a beautiful gift that Growth and Nurture members may have. These members use this gift to comfort and encourage new members or those needing additional care. Service is another spiritual gift that is very beneficial to the Growth and Nurture Committee. Hospitality is a form of service, and welcoming visitors, new members and the community is a very core part of our Growth and Nurture mission.

Growth and Nurture is a fun, creative committee that works to bind our church community closer together. If you enjoy welcoming newcomers and helping engage and include people into our faith community, Growth andNurture may be the perfect place for you.

Please contact the Pastor or the Chair of Growth and Nurture if you are interested in joining this committee or would like additional information.

Check out Gingerbread House pictures submitted from past years