The Music Committee is charged with general oversight of the church’s ministry of music to ensure that all endeavors under its jurisdiction are directed consistently toward the glory of God and the edification of the congregation.   Its duties include:  

  • Setting policy and providing support for the church’s musicians and the music program
  • Helping to find musicians in the church
  • Maintaining, caring for, and aquiring musical instruments
  • Evaluating the music program and establishing goals and plans of action with the musicians
  • Evaluating music staff annually and recommending appropriate adjustments to salary, considering all relevant factors such as merit, job expectations, and longevity
  • Preparing the annual budget and planning for multi-year, long-term projects
  • Providing feedback from the congregation related to the music program
  • Planning and publicizing special music events

The Music Committee meets monthly.  It typically consists of 6 members, each serving a term of 3 years.