We are Christ’s body – his arms, hands, legs, feet.  Working as a member of a church committee is one way to serve in the mission of Christ’s church.   In its role as a “congregation” based church, the mission of the Ellington Congregational Church is performed through the lay membership of the church.   This is accomplished through various roles and committees defined in our Constitution and By-Laws.   The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to identify members of the church to perform these various roles and duties.  

The Nominating Committee includes in its membership its Chair, the Moderator, the Senior Pastor and at least two additional members appointed by the Prudential Committee. The Nominating Committee presents to the Church at its annual meeting for elections, a list of nominees for office for the ensuing year.  

If you have a special gift that you would like to give, please reach out to a Nominating Committee member to express this interest.