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When one is doing intentional interim work, an important item to be considered is a Covenant of Behavioral Conduct Policy. A Covenant of Behavior allows everyone to have an equal voice. It does not hinder or stifle, rather it makes RESPECT for one another VITAL so that every voice can be heard!

The Process

  • Every board, committee, and group (yes, young people, also) will write a Covenant of Behavior for their group. This should be a Covenant that the group will feel comfortable using at every meeting. 
  • Each board/committee/group will submit parts of their Covenant that they would like to see in the ECC Covenant to a Committee of volunteers.
  • Hopefully, there will be overlaps in what has been written.
  • The committee of volunteers (Covenant of Behavioral Conduct Policy Committee) will choose from the submissions and put those into a Covenant of Behavior for the church.
  • The Covenant will be short and easily understood.
  • The Covenant of Behavior will be presented at a congregational meeting where ALL voices will be heard, and changes will be welcomed.
  • The Covenant of Behavior will be amended as necessary, and a congregational meeting will be held to vote on the final Covenant.

As I said in the June article, God has given us a Covenant of Behavioral Conduct Policy – it is called the Ten Commandments.

AND I REPEAT: A Covenant of Behavior Conduct Policy is not meant to keep any voices from being heard! In fact, it gives more people a chance to be heard in an atmosphere that can remain calm and respectful. People should not be in anatmosphere that causes upset stomachs or headaches when there are problems to be resolved – ESPECIALLY NOT IN A CHURCH SETTING WHERE WE ARE TO SET AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT JESUS TEACHES ABOUT LOVE OF NEIGHBOR!

A few suggestions for the Covenant (just to get you started):

  • Constructive criticism will be accepted, welcomed, and considered at all meetings
  • Welcoming and inclusive language will always be used
  • Different viewpoints and experiences will be accepted at all meetings
  • In the end, what is best for the majority of the community is what must be done

If you would like to be part of a Covenant of Behavioral Conduct Policy Group, please email, or call Leigh Lezotte at the church office to volunteer. All who call will become part of the group – no one will be turned away for any reason.

Thank you so much! Remember, “God holds you in the palms of his hands.”
Pastor Joanne