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Helping children home from school for the summer

(please – no glass)

Thank you for your generosity!

  • Canned pasta, all kinds
  • Pouches of instant potatoes and rice such as Rice a Roni and Knorr
  • Packets of fruit or pudding in plastic containers
  • Small packages of potato chips, pretzels, cheese twists, etc.
  • Small packets of cheese or peanut butter crackers
  • Small boxes of juice!!
  • Cookies

Sue had a conversation with Lee Hay, Director of the Cornerstone Food Pantry:
"Inflation has caught up with them. In Jan. and Feb. they were serving 80 to 90 families per week. Their count is now up
to 120 per week. They now count on an additional 5 to 7 new families each week.

He also stated that they do not need certain things we use to collect for them like peanut butter, mac and cheese, dry
pasta as they get these items from Food Share."

Also please note: Food stores are not dropping off as many
bread and rolls as they used to, because they have cut back
on baking them.

As always, any donation of food is very much appreciated

We greatly appreciate all donations, including grocery store gift cards throughout whole year!