Since baptism is an act of welcome into the community of Christ’s church, all baptisms at Ellington Congregational Church are done as part of the worship service.  If you have not done so, plan to come to a worship service so that you can get a sense of our congregation and the format of our worship services.  And, if you haven’t already met the pastor, please be sure to introduce yourself to Dr. Jay.  He will work with you directly to schedule a pre-baptism education session and to decide which Sunday will work for both your family and the church.

Certain Sundays during the month are set aside for baptisms.  With accommodations for holidays and significant events in the life of the church, Baptism Sundays are usually the fourth or fifth Sunday of the month.  It is usually best to identify the month(s) you prefer and finalize the date when you meet with Dr. Jay.

For more information contact us by phone at 860-871-6606 or at  


If you are planning on getting married, please call the church office and speak to one of our Pastors.


Funeral/Memorial Service Planning Forms Available From Pastors

The Ellington Congregational Church Funeral/Memorial Service form gives you an opportunity to list favorite scripture, hymns, etc. to serve as a guide to your loved ones so that they can follow your wishes for funeral arrangements.