T.E.L.O.S (Teens Experience Living Out the Story) is a church-based service-oriented Christian youth group for high school students.  We meet, work, plan, pray and play together for nine full and mostly-fun months in preparation for a week-long mission trip at the end of the school year.   TELOS has been to Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, New Jersey after Super Storm Sandy, urban Philadelphia, Nashville, various places in Appalachia, Aroostook County, and Maine.

TELOS is a unique opportunity for high school students to explore their faith in action, to visit other parts of the country and to help people improve their lives.

Past and present TELOS members (“TELOSians”) will tell you how rewarding and eye-opening previous trips have been.  They will also tell you that TELOS is a lot of work. We raise all of the money needed to fund the trip ourselves.  Most weekends, we will either have a Sunday evening meeting or a weekend fundraiser.     The reward -- a great experience with good friends doing good work to make a difference. 

 T.E.L.O.S. is accepting plastic bottles and cans ONLY!   Bring your bagged bottles and cans on any SUNDAY - collection location Social Room Elevator Alcove  

OR   Bring your bagged bottles and cans to the shed behind ECC on the 1st Saturday (10-11 am) of each month!  


PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF AND LEAVE BAGGED PLASTIC BOTTLES & CANS AT THE SHED ANY OTHER DAY. They become messy & blow around the church and surrounding lawns.

Thank you.