About the Labyrinth

The Memorial Labyrinth Garden is located to the north side of the Education Wing and Sanctuary.  It has been dedicated to the memory of many special members, and is always available for private prayer and meditation.

A Pathway to Peace

Take a moment to stroll the garden path to enjoy the newly installed landscaping by Lori Spielman Landscaping. As you pass the entrance between the boulder and hinoki cypress, listen for the soothing chimes mounted on the 3rd church spire. Ahead you are greeted by dwarf lilacs, a forest pansy redbud tree and fringe tree flanking the outdoor classroom. The peace pole on the right is surrounded by a planting of vinca. Fragrant viburnums and dwarf ninebarks soften the fence on the left and beyond a grouping of hydrangeas. On the right two newly installed benches surround the fountain in sight of the new container plantings which take you to the labyrinth, your destination for prayer and meditation. The labyrinth is framed by a planting of hostas and lily of the valley. Plaques will be placed on the boulder and labyrinth granite post.

Please find the garden as a peaceful retreat to honor a loved one or special occasion. You may use it for a moment of solitude or a meeting with friends. Bask in the sunshine or rest in the shade with the soothing sounds of the fountain. Perhaps your committee will find inspiration in the outdoor classroom or meet for Bible study. Imagine it as a place for an intimate wedding.

Memorial funds, river rock purchases, and landscaping donations have made the garden transformation a reality.

We are truly thankful to all those who have contributed.


There are many ways and reasons to walk a labyrinth - for prayer, centering, problem solving, walking meditation, reflection, and inspiration. Walking the labyrinth is a personal experience and there is no right way or wrong way to walk. You may want to set an intention for yourself before beginning. One way to walk involves three stages but keep in mind that at any stage of the walk one can "receive" or "integrate" or "release".  

Begin walking slowly, following the winding path toward the center. As you walk, ·your body moves into a peaceful rhythm of contemplation.  

RELEASING: As you enter the labyrinth, this is the time to clear the mind, focus on breathing and putting one foot in front of the other.  

RECEIVING: Reaching the center, it is a time for listening and receiving any messages, answers, comfort, prayers, inspiration. Pause for a while and focus your attention. Stay as long as you choose.  

INTEGRATING: Leaving the center following the same path outward, if you had a thought or an answer or inspiration ... this is the time to integrate the experience and relate it to your life. When the walk is completed, many people like to write, draw or journal their thoughts. Each walk may bring a different experience.