Welcome to Ellington Congregational Church!

We are a welcoming family of Christians dedicated to living and sharing Christ's teachings through a faith continually renewed by God's grace.

We come together in worship, study, and mission bringing a diversity of talents and offering opportunities for each member to express a personal faith through shared responsibility and service.

About The United Church of Christ

The United Church of Christ(UCC) is a Protestant denomination that traces its roots to four church bodies: Congregational, Christian, Evangelical, and Reformed. The UCC is a free church, which means it has “freedom in the Gospel,” and no one dictates to a local church concerning the decisions it makes.  It is also a responsible church assuming that every decision-making body within the church will make its decisions in the light of the Gospel and out of a sense of responsibility to the whole community.

The UCC lives out its faith through the worship of God experienced in Jesus and present in the Holy Spirit.  

We welcome all to our community of faith and invite all who are looking for a church home to join us on our journey of life and faith.  To learn more, visit ucc.org